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Top 3 Pet Articles This Week: June 28

The Pets section was jam-packed full of great articles this week! As usual, our writers were full of great advice, interesting anecdotes, and interesting facts about everyone’s favorite subject- pets! If you have pets, love pets, or are getting ready to own your first pet, definitely look at these amazing articles from last week!

Do you have a favorite Pet article from our writers this week?

3 Great Pets Articles From Our Writers This Week

Gray/white tabby pet cat sitting on a laptop

Cats: I Just Slow Blink To Say I Love You

Our writer Beth gives cat owners a lesson in cat behavior. If your pet cat is slow blinking at you, don’t worry! It just means that they love you, and they’re expressing that love for you. Get more in-depth information by checking out this article!

medium haired pet dog sitting on tile floor

4 Things to Consider When Feeding Your Dog Leftovers

Not sure when to give your dog leftovers, if at all? Our writer Keira has all the details you need to know. Definitely check this article out if you’re a new pet owner, or if you’re thinking about letting your dogs enjoy some of your amazing, home-cooked meals.

Stubborn as a Mule. Myth Explosion!

Stubborn as a Mule: 1 Big Myth Exposed

Our writer Ellie is back with another great article- this time about Mules! From naming conventions to training tips, this article covers it all. If you’ve been fooled into thinking mules are stubborn, definitely check this article out!

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